The Last Leg

Route: Ferry to Digby – Sandy Cove – Greenwood – Melanson – Halifax

Campgrounds: Whale Cove Campground in Sandy Cove – Warmshowers in Greenwood – Joanne’s magical historic house in a cute Acadian community, Melanson – Inge’s apartment in Halifax

3 amazing things:

  • Meeting climbers in Dibgy, who convinced me to derail my plans and took me to Sandy Cove, where I touched outdoor rock for the first time. We did top rope in Trout Cove, where we saw whales and porpoises just off the coast of Fundy. I met amazing people from all over Nova Scotia and planned for a place to stay in Halifax.
  • Getting to hold a 13 day old baby in Greenwood
  • Feeding chickens with Joanne, a lovely lady in Melanson. Charging my phone quickly turned into me moving my bike into the barn, my things up to the guest bedroom. We went walking around the garden and down to the wharf with a glass of wine and an umbrella in hand. She shared stories of her husband, who was working far away, and she showed me photos of her whole family. The house was 169 years old, with all the original hardwood intact. It was really beautiful to stay there. She was so generous – with food, wine and laughter.

1 lesson:

  • Don’t let the whirlwind of saying goodbye to new friends distract you from double checking you got everything.

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