My Last Day in New Brunswick

Route: Out of Fredricton on Trans Canada Highway that connected to Highway 7 towards Saint John

Campground: Rockwood park Campground

3 Amazing things:

  • I have really found my way with writing poetry on this trip, seems I can just sit down, think about a part of my trip and I am instantly inspired – the words just write themselves. Perhaps I will pile all of them together and make something fun to read for everyone.
  • I saw the Bay of Fundy!!! Finally!!!
  • The kindness I have seen in people is unmeasurable and I can’t even describe how thankful I am for all of the people who have made little delightful entrances into my life, even you, lady who was covered in strawberry picking stains who came up to me with a bottle of water while I had just finished chugging mine.

1 lesson: Humidity is no joke and the sun is powerful.

Here is the poem I wrote about it:


You took my breath away
You made my heart pound
I saw shining stars
I fell to the ground
So warm with others
So wicked with me
I felt your power
It had a hold
It had a pull
Of all the moisture
Out of my skin
Then out of my eyes
Till there was nothing
But you


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