As I Am Leaving Vancouver

The amount of support I have received from my family is incredible. Not one has tried to pursuade me not to go. They have only tried to help me get here, even in little ways, with a walk on the beach, an app in hand, tales of experience, wishful thinking and regular phone calls. I […]

Victoria is so green

Hello Victoria! Dates: May 10-12 For those that are heading west from the east, know that Victoria is a great place to end your trip. From the Swartz Bay ferry terminal, the Gallopping goose trail and the Locside Trail is perfect to get you all the way to downtown Victoria. It’s beautiful, flat and safe. […]

Begin with Ease

Date: May 11th First arriving on the island, I felt anxious and nervous but also calm. I knew I had to keep it together, seem in control. Control of my feelings and recognizing when I felt self doubt or regret. I have experienced this in the last few days and I was not sure if […]

3 Days to Go…Oh My

With only three days left, and this being the last day of work before the weekend of “Getting my Life Together,” I am feeling. Feeling many things: excitement nerves anticipation anxiety impatience patience among many others that I cannot even put words to because I am not even sure what they are. Waiting. I have […]

Abundance in Unexpected Ways

Abundance. If I have learned anything it is that abundance is not only found in the bank account, it is found in the generosity of people. Generosity in knowledge, advice, experiences, stuff, things and time. Recently, I have experienced abundance all around me, from far and wide. People offering me places to stay along my […]