The 3 Magical Ladies Of Quebec City

While in Quebec City, I melded into a friend group quite quickly. We danced, laughed and teased each other. They were each so much fun and welcoming that I felt inspired to write poetry about them, specifically the three new friends I have.


The marmot princess
watches over her kingdom
Takes care of her subjects
Treating them as royalty too
Her spirit is wild
Her heart is kind
She is wiser than you
One with the earth
And all of its beings
But rest assured
She can put you in your place
And say Merci
With a smirk on her face


Look behind those glasses
And see blue eyeliner
Look past the shy
And see someone determined
Look at her hair
Too many adventures to care
Look to her heart
And see a trusting woman
Look behind those lips
And see a smile
Sweet like maple syrup
Her kindness is like the sun
When it just begins to set
And leaves you feeeling
Like the golden treetops
Look at this woman
The epitome of summer


The sky was like
The beard of papa
The cigarette was like
The perfect dance partner
And you are like
The box of Speacial K cereal
I didn’t want to end


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