I must say I never thought that I would make it to the capital in time for Canada day, and for those who don’t know – July 1 is also my birthday. This was the peak of my trip, and by peak, I mean what I had been looking forward to for years. To be in the capital on my birthday among friends, that was on my bucket list and I am so happy to check it off.

Route: Morrisburg – Ottawa

Campground: In a bed at Sam’s house, she is the best, and is the Ilana to my Abbi.

3 amazing things:

  • Shannon arrived!! Back in January, when I was still planning my trip, and I said that I wanted to be in Ottawa for my birthday, she took the opportunity and said she would meet me there. She did, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to share that experience with. She is amazing, spunky and great to party with. I really enjoyed busting shapes with you at Standard, sharing the birthday sash and matching in those ridiculous umbrella hats.
  • Ask and you shall recieve. I only had a few stipulations to make this the most perfect birthday. 1. Cake 2. Dancing 3. Fireworks – all three of these happened. Thank you Sam and Shan πŸ˜€ You both deserve to wear that crown we almost bought in the $$$ store.
  • Walking into that rando house party because the windows were glowing blue, and to our pleasant surprise, a band was jamming and there were many dancing – we joined right in without a care.


1 lesson:

  • Sleep isn’t always required πŸ˜›



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