Oka is more than Okay

Route: Ottawa – A random village 70 Kms outside of Ottawa – Oka

Campground: Whispering Pines, or as I like to call it, Hippy Haven.

3 Amazing things:

  • The route was really pleasant heading out of Ottawa, it is a must see – Prescott Russell Trail. This was a really nice trail to take out of th city because it is away from traffic and you go through some cute little villages as you enter Quebec. The campground was on a sandy beach by a lake and the people who ran the site were magical, they gave me homemade mead, we danced, laughed, sang and I learned how to play the drum.
  • Just before entering Quebec, I met this delightful couple, Halima and Nils. They are from Victoria and they were incredibly helpful. I had not rode with any other cyclists since the German couple in B.C. So this was a real special moment for me. They are another example of couple goals. They were so kind, and generous. Halima told me of all their adventures together, including other cycling trips they have done and she gave me a nugget of advice on love. “Just find someone kind and you’ll be happy”
  • As we arrived at the Hudson – Oka ferry, my phone got wayyy to hot and shut down, so Halima and Nils suggested I come with them to their Air BNB in Oka to charge it and let it cool. By the time we got there it was already 5pm, and by the time my phone turned back on and began to charge it was 7pm. Their host was so pleasant. He is what I imagine when I think of a French radio host. He was so expressive and would make hilarious jokes. He suggested that I stay the night too and there was a spare bed. It was the right move. There was an outdoor pool and a foliage filled terrace – how could I resist. I stayed that night and the next morning he made us all pancakes and coffee – perfecto.

1 Lesson:

  • Wet tent + sand = not the best sleeping situation. There is still sand in my tent. Worth it though.



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