Les petites villes de Quebec sont douces comme les fraises

Small towns in Quebec are sweet like strawberries

Route: Montreal – Chez Denise – Batiscan – Quebec City

Campground: Camping chez Denis and Marina au Batiscan

3 Amazing things:

  • These past few days, I successfully brought up my average to 19kms/hr and felt comfortable doing it. It means I got to places faster and I didn’t even feel too tired at the end of the day. Success!
  • Batiscan was a cute little town right on the rivers edge. It is rare to find any English speakers in small town Quebec, and that has created some challenges, but somehow I have still found my way. The bartenders at the restaurant near the campsite were very friendly and enjoyed practicing their English and they taught me how to say ” I don’t know how to speak French”
  • I met another cyclist, who is biking the east coast of Canada! He is going to follow the coast line up from Rivière du loop, which is a new route that I had not heard of before. Best of luck Fred!

1 lesson:

  • Futons are actually the best invention.

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