Bonjour from Montreal!

Route: Oka – Montreal via La Route Verte

Campground: Couchsurfing in Montreal – stayed with a Columbia man named Juan – a delight!

3 amazing things:

  • La Parc Fountaine – my new favourite place. Hands down. Best adult playground. #TamTams
  • Squeaky cheese is the best cheese, especially when it is drowned in gravy atop of fries. Yum
  • You can buy alcohol at grocery stores and corner stores in Quebec, enough said.

1 lesson:

  • Never have I wanted to learn French more than in this moment. Language is so interesting and it is more than just the words, it is in the mannerisms, the gestures and more. Even when I speak to someone briefly, although I may not be able to understand them, I sense they are making a joke and I laugh. I could definitely learn the language if I moved here. Already I have picked up some more French than I thought I knew. Being immersed in it is step 1.

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